Operational Structure


As a result of the restructuring of the Service, the directorates have been increased to seven (7) from the previous three (3). Eight Zonal offices, Thirty-Six State Commands & Federal Capital Territory and Immigration offices in the 774 local government areas.

The seven directorates are:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Finance and Accounts
  3. Planning, Research and Statistics
  4. Work and Procurement
  5. Investigation, Inspectorate/ Enforcement
  6. Operations/ Passport
  7. Border Patrol, ECOWAS/ African Affairs



This directorate is mandated to handle the following:

      • Appointment, Promotion and Discipline
      • Staff Welfare and Gender
      • Training and Staff Development
      • Personnel
        • To ensure that appropriate Nominal Roll is kept and implement Biometric Registration of all officers
        • To ensure enhance welfare of officers
        • Proffer unbiased recommendation for the discipline of erring officers
        • To provide necessary administrative and technical support for the smooth running of the service


Its primary role is that of providing the necessary financial support for the smooth running of the service. Its basic responsibilities

      • Accounts
      • Budget
      • Revenue
        • To ensure timely preparation and submission of budget
        • To ensure timely payment of claims and salaries to officers
        • Handling all financial transactions of the service


The directorate is saddle with the responsibility of:

      • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
      • Research and Statistics
      • ICT and Data Bank
        • Generate research and policies to drive the service
        • Analyze monthly returns and make necessary recommendations


The directorate is to handle:

      • Works
      • Procurement
        • To ensure the maintenance of our facilities and buildings nationwide
        • Ensure that contracts are duly awarded, monitored and done according to specifications


This directorate is charged with the responsibility:

      • Investigation, Intelligence
      • Inspectorate/ Enforcement
      • Anti-Human Trafficking
      • Migration and Aliens
        • Investigation of breaches of Nigeria’s extant Immigration laws
        • Prepares eligibility, briefs on applicants seeking to obtain Nigeria Citizenship
        • Enforces repatriation and deportation orders
        • To ensure that incidence of Human Trafficking and Smuggling of migrants is reduced
        • To vet all officers holding strategic positions in the Service and all new in-takes


The directorate is to handle:

      • Visa/ Entry Permit
      • Standard Passport
      • Other Travel Documents
        • Issue various Immigration facilities within specified real time
        • To drive successfully the implementation of the new Visa Policy
        • To pursue to logical conclusion the investigation and cancellation of any fraudulently issued passports
        • To ensure that a credible watch list is maintained and is circulated to passport offices and periodically updated
        • To keep a soft-copy of Nigerians renouncing their citizenship and ensure their passports are duly cancelled
        • Implementation of multilateral and bilateral agreements


The directorate is charged with manning all

    • Land Border
    • Marine Border
    • Airport/ Air Patrol
    • ECOWAS/ African Affairs
      • Manning of Nigeria’s exit and entry points
      • To patrol Nigeria’s aerial, Coastal and Land Borders
      • To monitor the movement of ECOWAS and other African Citizens
      • To ensure that irregular movement of persons through unapproved routs is reduced to the barest minimum- so as to effectively combat the incidence of Human Trafficking, Weapon smuggling and Terrorism
      • To ensure that prohibited and wanted persons do not enter or leave the country undetected